Receiving and evaluation of the applications: 

27th May 2024 start of the application 

31st July 2024 end of application 

06th September 2024 announcing the list of qualified Participants 

14th September 2024 draw and announcement of the order of auditions


The Competition: 

06th October 2024 opening gala of the Competition 

07th–08th October 2024 auditions – stage I 

09th–10th October 2024 auditions – stage II 

11th October 2024 rehearsals with the orchestra prior to stage III 

12th October 2024 auditions stage III, announcement of the results of the Competition 

13th October 2024 Laureates’ Concert and the awarding ceremony

Repetition of the Laureates’ Concert: 15th October 2024 Laureates’ Concert in Silesian Theatre in Katowice